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Japanese Tape
from:  $9.25

* Price increase effective 8/1/16 due
to change in exchange rate on Japanese Yen

  Ideal for Taping Ears - Imported from Japan -  Recommended by Top Breeders. A favorite of both Sheltie and Collie Breeders and Pet Owners. Quickly becoming popular with several other breeds, including Corgis, Dobermans, Terriers, Border Collies, German Shepherds, and others.

 Leukotape P
cost:  $10.50

  A product quickly gaining popularity with Collie and Sheltie breeders - as well as other breeds.. This is a rigid sports strapping tape. This rayon-backed adhesive tape features an extremely strong zinc oxide adhesive; contains natural rubber latex. Use in place of the Sheltie Ear Tape or Moleskin.


Double Sided Tape

  Same product as the old Sears carpet tape used by many Sheltie and Collie people for years. Available in 1" or 2" wide x 80 ft.  Works better with less hair and adhesive spray.



Andover Moleskin
(XT Heavy)
from:  $5.75

  Preferred by Sheltie and Collie breeders alike for training ears. Use with  Doc Brannen's or Torbot Liquid Bond Cement and Jiffy Sew. Detailed instructions available on our Instructions page.



Latex Backed Moleskin
from:  $8.75

  The only Latex Backed Moleskin currently available. Similar to the discontinued J&J or MedLine Moleskin. Best used with an adhesive spray (such as Doc Brannen's or Tuf-Skin) or Torbot Liquid Bond Cement. Detailed instructions available on our Instructions page.



Cramer Moleskin
from:  $13.00


Cramer Moleskin is one of the thickest moleskins on the market. For best results should be used with Latex cement and a few drops of Jiffy Sew or Tear Mender.



All Items Sold On This Site Intended For K-9 Use Only!


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