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Greyhound Comb Rakes

from:  $40.00
The Greyhound Comb Rakes are for the heavier coated breeds. Multi length tines for removing dead undercoat from heavy double coats. The Mini Multi with crook handle is perfect for smaller breeds and smaller area. The Multi Length Large is great for large breeds and larger areas.




WOW VolumetriX Body &
    Volume Spray

Coming Soon
cost:  $32.00

Benefits: Lifts, Separates, Increases Volume,
Fuller Furnishings, Volumizes w/o Build Up,
Adds Shine

Dilution: Dilute with Distilled water 
     for Medium to Coarse Coats - up to 24:1
     for Finer Coats - up to 32:1



a comprehensive study of the Shetland Sheepdog
by Jean Simmonds

cost:  $45.00

This book is a comprehensive illustrated
guide to the Shetland Sheepdog standard.

It goes step by step through the breed
standard, with drawings to illustrate
each point and show samples of the
various types observed in the breed.

Some Sample Pages




   Second Shift
      a print by
      Jean Simmonds
         Carmylie Shelties

       size: 14" x 18"     

        Cost: $65.00


   See Size Details    

Ultra Drying Bathing Robes
from $22.95

Helps to dry your dogs faster. Double layered plush velvet microfiber with secure velcro collar and belly strap for ease of use. This robe is ultra absorbant.

* Machine wash separately twice before use. Tumble dry as normal.

Note Size/Color Availability:
Medium & Large in Purple, Blue, Pink
XXL in Purple, Pink ; XXXL in Purple

 Onyx Foot Trimming Kit
cost:  $29.95

  Onyx Foot Trimming Kit

Kit Contains
     * Curve up 5" safety feet trimming scissors
     * 20 Sanding Bands
     * Mandrell to hold Sanding Bands

With the small curve up scissors, you can safely trim under
and around the pads and see your work as you go.


Ashley Craig Essentials
Essentials BATHE Shampoo
Essentials TEXTURE Conditioner


Ashley Craig ESSENTIALS - Shampoo & Conditioner

With its breakthrough Co-Washing technology, TEXTURE is a new conditioning concept that can be diluted to preference from 1:1 up to 50:1 and beyond. This offers the groomer greater flexibility and creativity by dialing into one's unique coat finish criteria on any coat type. Use mindfully by itself or as part of a system preceding BATHE shampoo.

Essentials BATHE is “Soap Free”, hypoallergenic, and can be diluted up to 50:1 and beyond!  Use mindfully by itself, or as a part of a system following Essentials TEXTURE conditioner.

Both are fragrance-free.



Art Deco Signature Series
Onyx Large Scissor Set

cost:  $235.00

Rose Gold & Black
8" Straight & 6.5" Thinner
Black Suede Tool Roll w/ 9 compartments
made with Japanese Steel
Ergonomic shank for comfort.


Suede Tool Roll w/ 9 compartments $39.95



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