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#1 All Systems Shampoos
Whitening Shampoo


Professional Formula Whitening Shampoo
A super cleaning shampoo, which helps remove even the toughest stains and odors. It contains optical brighteners which enhance the dog’s natural color, it is safe for all colors but is highly recommended for whites, blacks, silvers, creams. Contains all natural, healthy ingredients, and contains no peroxide, bleach, silicone or blueing products which adversely affect skin and hair. Safe for all colors. Contains coconut oil. 10 to 1 Concentrate.

cost: $12.49 (16 oz)


#1 All Systems
Crisp Coat Shampoo

Crisp Coat Shampoo
Especially created for the hard and or rough coated dogs such as Shelties, Collies,  Terriers, Chow Chows, Pomeranians, Akitas, and the like, where texture and volume are critical to presentation and breed standard. Crisp Coat Shampoo is rich in body building, texture enhancing, residue removing botanicals. It is made with all natural hair and skin purifying botanical ingredients such as Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Mint. It effectively removes chlorine and heavy minerals from skin and coat. Crisp Coat Shampoo is safe for even the most fragile of coats also. It is highly concentrated and it puts the snap back into the coat. 10 to 1 Concentrate.

cost: $12.49 (16 oz)


#1 All Systems
Pure White Lightening

Pure White Lightening Shampoo
Specifically designed for whites, creams, pale golds and light silvers. Made from a new state-of-the-art enzyme product which is not only safe but also a very effective stain remover and brightener - includes hair strengthening and conditioning ingredients to protect the coat. Pure White Lightening Shampoo may also be used on parti-colored dogs however it should not be left on colored parts any more than 2 minutes as it can remove color. For best results clean the coat first with one of your favorite shampoos to remove excess dirt and oil. Apply Pure White Lightening Shampoo full strength to the coat, work into the coat completely and leave on for a minimum of 3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Ultimate results will depend on degree of whitening desired or needed and the amount of time left. May be diluted 10:1 if desired.

cost: $12.49 (16 oz)


#1 All Systems
Self Rinse Shampoo

Self Rinse Shampoo
The perfect shampoo for touch-ups, when a complete bath is not practical or necessary. Self-Rinse Conditioning Shampoo will clean, condition and deodorize, all in one step. The natural coat texture is maintained and buildup is non-existent. This is a concentrate with a light refreshing lemon lime fragrance.10 to 1 Concentrate.

cost: $11.99 (16 oz)



Chris Christensen
White on White Shampoo
Black on Black Shampoo

  Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo gets the yellow out! Unlike other whitening shampoos, White on White can be used on all coat colors! This product is an optic intensifying treatment within a shampoo, removing all yellow stains with a lustrous sheen on darker colors.
Contains no bleaching agents, harsh chemicals or softening agents.

Chris Christensen Black on Black Shampoo is an optic intensifying color revitalizing treatment within a shampoo.  Formulated specifically for use on black coats. Gets the red out and restores the intense black color to coats stripped of their color by the bleaching effects of the sun.

cost: $16.99 (16 oz)

Neutralizes unwanted stains that cleansing does not remove. Lasts up to 4 weeks and will not rub off on hands or clothing.Made in the USA.




Chris Christensen
Black on Black System Kit

  Chris Christensen Black on Black System Kit contains:
Black on Black Shampoo (4oz)
Thick N Thicker Foaming Protein
After u Bathe
Ice on Ice

cost: $14.99



Self Rinse Plus Shampoo

  Chris Christensen is now producing ProLine Self Rinse Plus, using the same formula that made this product an industry standard since 1976.

This no rinse shampoo is perfect when running water is unavailable or when a quick clean up is needed. It is used extensively at dog shows for cleaning and styling purposes.

Great for spot cleaning and deodorizing.
Use between baths or for last minute touchups.

cost: $14.99 (16 oz)



Cindra Shampoo
cost: $11.45 (8 oz)
(32 oz)

  Cindra Shampoo is available in:

Texturizing -
Texturizing Shampoo will not soften your dog's coat. Wire and coarse-coated dog owners across the country rave about Texturizing Shampoo. A bodifying shampoo for thin or limp coats. Hair keratin formula increases volume and texture. Improves body for easy scissoring. Easy-to-rinse, low-sudsing formula. Highly concentrated (16:1) and affordable.

Cleansing clean your dirtiest dog or make white coats sparkle. Our general-purpose shampoo does a spectacular job with just one lather. Removes grease, oil and dirt. For amazing results, try a second lather of Moisturizing Shampoo for dry coats or Texturizing Shampoo for limp coats and see a noticeable difference. Easy to rinse, low-sudsing formula. Highly concentrated (16:1) and affordable.

Moisturizing - A luxurious blend of special oils and vitamins creates the ideal shampoo for dry and damaged coats. It conditions while it cleans and enhances soft silky coats without losing body. Easy-to-rinse, low-sudsing formula leaves no residue. Highly concentrated (16:1) and affordable.




Miracle Care Foaming
Waterless Shampoo

  Waterless shampoo for dogs. Requires no rinsing - simply foam on, massage into a lather, towel dry, and brush out! Foam application makes it easy to use and eliminates waste. Perfect for pre-show grooming.

cost: $9.99  (7 oz.)





Green Tea Scent with Awapuhi
earthbath® blended the finest antioxidants and skin moisturizers found in nature to create this Shed Control Shampoo. This potent formula contains organic fair trade shea butter, essential green tea leaf extract, ginseng, omega-6 fatty acids, awapuhi and other natural humectants & emollients to nourish & detoxify skin and rejuvenate coats while controlling excessive shedding, dander and associated allergens. Naturally, this pH-balanced soap-free shampoo will thoroughly clean & deodorize, leaving pets brilliantly soft and heavenly scented.

cost: $13.99  (16 oz.)



Chris Christensen
Grooming Cologne


SmartScents Grooming Cologne in Tropical Breeze scent

Chris Christensen SmartScents cologne leaves a delightful, sweet fragrance that lasts all day! Simply mist lightly onto your dog or cat. These subtle fragrances are not overpowering.

Delightful scent last all day.
Safe for use on dogs and cats.
Convenient 4oz pump.
Made in the USA.

cost: $7.99  (4 oz.)


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